Diversity and inclusion at Full Steam Ahead

Full STEAM Ahead is an annual event celebrating gender inclusive success in STEAM. We provide a platform for professionals to share their stories and encourage the next generation of innovators to follow their dreams. While we know gender has no bearing on success in STEM, there are many systemic barriers preventing true gender parity. Highlighting the excellence and diversity of professionals is one way to prepare and empower our youth to build an inclusive future. Our panel of gender diverse STEAM professionals inspire attendees to choose their own path. FSA is a judgement free learning space based on mutual respect, curiosity, and acceptance.


Equal representation starts with equal access. Full STEAM Ahead:

  • Creates learning opportunities for all young people that hold an interest in STEAM.
  • Celebrates the gender diversity of STEAM professionals as a strength.
  • Shares the stories of STEAM professionals to inspire underrepresented youth.
  • Models a learning environment that empowers youth through representation and accessibility.