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Student Registration for Full STEAM Ahead is available to rising 6th-rising 9th-grade students in Virginia. Check out our workshops below, then go to our registration page and register for your student’s favorites. Workshops will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Scheduling may be subject to change. Registration is $15 and will include 5 workshops, 2 keynote speeches, a swag package, and other chances to connect over the week. Need-based scholarships are available, for more information please contact

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Monday, July 19th Tuesday, July 20th Wednesday, July 21st Thursday, July 22nd


Keynote – The STEAM Connection

Speaker: Danielle Boyer

Hear youth robotics inventor and nonprofit leader Danielle Boyer share her STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) journey on how she discovered her STEAM Superpower: Using robots to help others. Empowered by skills in coding and propelled by a love for her community, she now gets to make cool robots every single day to teach others how to find their superpowers too. Danielle will share tips for you to get started on your own STEAM journey and help you discover how you too can use your own superpowers to make the change that you care about.Keynote attendees will have the opportunity to enter a robotics challenge to be judged by a distinguished panel of Hispanic STEAM changemakers and influencers on your concept for a robot will help others. One winner will receive a 3D render, drawing, simple 3D print model based on your robot concept, and more!Learn more about the challenge and challenge criteria and enter here:

Turning Ideas into Digital Experiences

Speaker: Martha Hipley

In this workshop, we’ll explore the process of designing digital experiences like apps, websites, and video games. We’ll try out some techniques for brainstorming, walk through the steps of expanding an idea into a plan for design and development, and practice presenting ideas to each other to find support for our plans. Anyone can turn inspiration into a digital product with the right tools and strategy!

Making Purposeful Video Games with No-Code

Speaker: Mariam Nusrat

This workshop will empower young women to create purposeful video games with no-code and at lightning speed.The workshop will leverage Breshna, a no-code platform that empowers users to create video games for educational purposes. Breshna sits at the intersection of 4 key trends: no-code, serious games, content creation and NFTs.

Artificial Intelligence: New Rules for Solving the World’s Biggest Problems: Kishau Roberts

Speaker: Kishau Rogers

Most business leaders agree that artificial intelligence (AI) will play a key role in shaping the future of work and solving some of the world’s most critical problems. AI careers involve math, coding, data, and research, but also require skills in business and art and empathy and critical thinking and change management and communication … engineering alone won’t create a “good AI” solution. This session will highlight future opportunities for artificial intelligence careers and (hopefully) challenge your thinking regarding who will solve the world’s biggest problems.


The Data Investigator Returns with R

Speaker: Ingrid Nelson

Explore the R programming language and see data in action in this session with Ingrid Nelson.

Introduction to Screenprinting & Studio Two Three

Speaker: KB Brown

Learn about Studio Two Three, a non-profit community art space in Richmond and learn the basics of screenprinting. We’ll cover everything you need to know to start printing on your own at home!

What’s That Animal: An Introduction to Wildlife ID

Speakers: Jamila Blake and Emily Fernan

Have you ever been curious about what kind of bird is singing outside your window? This workshop will give a brief introduction to how to easily identify the native wildlife found in our area. We will look at some of the common species we might see while we are out in nature or around our homes. We will discuss some of the techniques and tools you can use to easily identify birds, reptiles and amphibians, and mammals by sight and sound.

Mentorship: Empowering yourself by empowering others

Speaker: Kimberly Rudolph

During this interactive and engaging workshop, students will identify your own strengths, learn what strong mentorship looks like and practice empowering others through mentorship.


An Introduction to Cybersecurity – Binary Number System & Social Engineering

*Video Premiere
Speakers: Samina Mondal, Aditi Shinde, Varija Mehta

It goes without saying that Cybersecurity and CS go hand in hand! Join for a lesson on all things related to the Binary Number System and Social Engineering. We will dive deep into two of the most prominent topics in the world of cyber! Whether you are a new student or a cyber expert, our lesson has everything you need to know to spearhead your passion for cybersecurity. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions:

Aim For Mars

*Video Premiere
Speakers: Eleanor Sigrest

Video Description Coming Soon!


Data Center Connectivity/Fiber Optics

Speakers: Amy Hill, Amber Tillman, and Phaedra Bradley

Amy Hill will describe the mechanics of fiber optic cabling and how it is so important to get information from our Data Centers to the end user. This will be a part of a workshop including other women from Facebook.

Comics Are for Everybody! (Yes, Even You!)

Speaker: John-Charles Holmes

“Creating comics in the 21st century has never been easier with the introduction of accessible tools that allow more and more people to get involved with drawing at any age. Participants will learn about the modern tools and methods they can use to create, publish, and share their own art by looking at the current world of comics in the digital era and demystify the comic making process to show how just about any can (and should) get started making their own art!

How to Catch a Hacker 101

Speaker: Elizabeth McPherson

Hackers….we all think we know what they look like. Sitting in a dark room, wearing a hoodie, and surrounded by computer screens with flashing lines of text – at least that’s what the movies tell you. In real life, hackers can look like you, me, or anyone you’d see walking down your street! They can be really hard to catch, but that’s what we’re here for. Join me in this session as we put on our detective hats and discuss what hackers are, what they do and how they do it, and how we catch them every day. The first half of this session will be presentation and discussion based, and in the second half we put together everything we’ve learned in a hands-on “Find the Hacker” activity. (Hoodies optional).


Music Coding 101

Speaker: Jessa Campbell

In this session we will have an opportunities to code using different programs. We will start with an easy program and work our way to more difficult programs.

Power, Persuasion and Posters

Speaker: Meredith Carrington

Session Description TBD.

How Does the Internet Work? (Networking)

Speaker: Omar Ansari

Have you ever thought about what happens when you visit your favorite website? Together we’ll journey across the web from your computer’s internet browser, across routers, switches, service providers, servers and more! We’ll explore the full end to end journey in an easy to understand way!

The Chemistry Behind Photography

Speaker: Caroline Fudala

Have you ever thought about how you can be both a scientist and an artist? This is a beginner friendly introduction into the world of alternative process photography. The goal is to expose students to the exciting chemistry behind a few historic photographic processes and show how the art and science worlds intersect. But did you know you can also make your own photo prints with materials you have at home? We’ll end with a fun demonstration where I’ll show you step-by-step how you can make your own fine art prints using berries, plants, and sunlight!

The Instruction Manual for Life (DNA)

Speaker: Michelle Neitzey

What do you and a banana have in common? How do our bodies know how to grow? How are we related to our ancestors? During this session you’ll extract your own DNA and learn how it makes you similar to and different from all life that has ever lived on Earth!

Standing Tall Without Standing Straight

Speaker: Shannon Dowling and Donna Adams

Have you ever wondered why you can stack Pringles in a can without breaking the chips at the bottom? Or why is an eggshell surprisingly hard to crack? Why is a toilet paper tube nearly impossible to crush? This workshop will explore the connection between shape and strength. We will look at different buildings and find the secret behind their curvy figures as an architect and structural engineer work together to explore the geometry of curves. The workshop will include a hands-on component as each student will build their own five-foot-tall model of the Eiffel Tower. Will yours be able to stand tall?

Wildlife, Technology, and You: Fusing Computer Science and Conservation

Speaker: Megan McDaniels

Ever wonder how scientists learn about animal behavior and habitats in the wild? Many of them use computer science and technology every day! Join Megan, a wildlife biologist, as she shares the exciting world of conservation technology, from the commonplace – like camera traps and GPS collars – to the cutting-edge – like artificial intelligence and decoding animal languages! Participants will also learn about how they can use household technologies, like cellphone cameras, to participate in community science activities and save wildlife.

Jump Into Augmented Reality

Speaker: Emily Cobb

Interested in learning how to create a personalized, interactive augmented reality experience in just seconds? In this workshop, students will learn how to use a mobile application to bring 2D Art to life (drawings, photographs, book covers, etc) by placing computer-generated visuals over real-world environments.

7 PM

Building AI for Fanfiction

Speaker: Georgiana Wright

Have you ever wanted to find that perfect level of fluff for you new OTP? Maybe your favorite series cancelled in 2004 after one season, but you loved the character dynamics? In this workshop we will go over the power of natural language processing via GPT-3 and GPT-2 to create customizable fan-fiction for your needs. PaperAI is a customizable story generator and can generate over 140,000 different story combinations by focusing on trait and scenario customizations, but we are fan-made undergraduate research project! We will go over using GPT-3 and GPT-2 for anime, the software development of PaperAI, and the ups and downs of building technology centered on fan-fiction! This mixed lecture and workshop will examine tackling natural language processing for high quality fan-fiction and we generate few fan-fictions for the audience.

Exploring Disaster Response Data with Machine Learning

Speaker: Laura Szczyrba

This workshop is a hands-on introduction to machine learning concepts. Students will explore different algorithms and play with image translation, image classifiers, and regression models. The goal is to provide students with a crash course on basic theory in an environment that is fun, welcoming, and non-intimidating. Machine learning applications in the field of disaster science will be discussed, including debris recognition and damage predictions models. At the conclusion of the workshop, students will walk away with the resources needed to start coding their own machine learning models independently.

Live Coding Workshop

Speaker: Sophia Wreck

Learn the performance art of Live Coding with Hydra– a C++ based programming language for creating visuals. Using the online compiler at, participants will learn ways to create basic shapes and colorful animations in real time. Additionally, the philosophy of Live Coding, the algorave movement, and the importance of “sharing your screen” will be discussed. The collaborative aspect of Live Coding– showing the process of your creations, mistakes included– is an imperative aspect of the art form. No previous coding experience is necessary.

Pixel Art Portraiture

Speaker: MeeNa Ko

For this workshop, we will utilize pixel art to reflect on the broad history of video game portraiture and social media avatars.In the early 2000s, video game and pixel art enthusiasts aided in the preservation of games by ripping and uploading video game assets onto forums. Access to these images and low-budget pixel art tools allowed passionate creators to modify images as their own. Pokemon fan-games, Sonic OCs, and DeviantArt sprite dolls are all radical self-inserts of a generation of makers that possessed a new approach to pixel art techniques. Independent creators have the power to create their own representation and reclaim their narratives through the power of portraiture.Participants in this workshop will be invited to modify existing assets or create their own pixel art portraits using a pixel portrait generator and Pixlr (a browser-based pixel art editor). We will be going over different techniques to modify sprites as well as how to create various facial expressions.