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Ready to Inspire?

Speaker Applications are Now Open!

We are looking for a diverse group of women in STEAM fields to share their knowledge with our students! Our workshop leaders will act as role models to our girls: testaments to what they can accomplish.

The goal of the workshops is to inform, inspire, and engage our students. We recommend incorporating an interactive or hands-on portion into your workshop. This can be an experiment, an exercise, a relevant game, artifacts or equipment, or a team activity. Your imagination is the limit!

The conference will be held Thursday, July 19th at the Chesterfield CTE Center on Hull Street from approximately 8:30 until 4:30. Workshops will last about 1 hour and accommodate no more than 25 students.

Volunteers will be available to assist as needed with activities or procedures during workshops sessions. Remember- our students are excited to learn about who you are and why you are passionate about your career! Your energy will leave a powerful impression.

For the opportunity to lead a workshop, please take a moment to fill out the following form. The application includes basic contact information, a brief bio and description of your proposed workshop, and any materials needed for your proposed workshop. If your application is accepted, your bio and workshop description will be featured on online for students and parents. We will announce accepted workshops shortly after applications close on April 2nd.

Speaker Applications Now Open!

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